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If you are on this page, you may be looking for help in growing your business. Before I go into telling you about me, I want to make sure you are asking the right questions, whether you use me or not. When looking at consulting companies, you need to make sure they understand what your business needs. Every business is different and will have different needs. So here are some questions you should ask:

What industries do you have experience in? What size companies(# of employees and revenue) have you worked with and which do you feel most comfortable with? What is your background? Do you have references? You may have more questions directly relating to your business, but make sure to cover these as well.

At Bedell Media and Consulting, I help small to medium size businesses(5-30 employees, $500,000 to $5,000,000) achieve their business goals. I mainly work with companies that manufacture or resell products and services, excluding retail and hospitality. Since every business is different, each required help in different ways. Here are some of the basic things I look for starting out:

Start ups –

  • Sales Coach - does your team meet the goals you want? Do they know how to sell what you have? Are they getting the most out of their sales efforts. If not, then you need a sales coach. The difference between a sales manager and sales coach is easy. A sales manager manges what they need to to make their goals. A sales coach teaches each sales person how to get the most out of their sales efforts, working with each one to find their stenghts, get them to utilize them to their ultimate levels and fill in their weaknesses. A sales manager is successful when the department meets it's goal. A sales coach is successful when each sales person exceeds their goals.

  • Ensure you have the correct business model to go with your goals. I've seen many businesses where their goals and business model did not work together.

  • Review internal positions and responsibilities. Make sure everyone knows what they need to do and ensure they have the skill set to be successful. Starting out people may wear many hats, but sometimes they don't have the skill set to do everything. By defining roles and responsibilities, you see where some may need help.

  • Do you need to outsource any parts of the business? Oursourcing some parts of your business can save you money, as long as you vet the vendor and make sure they can do what you need. When do you consider bringing it back in house?

  • Identify your audience and establish a revenue stream. Many times business owners think that everyone is their audience, so they don't send the right message to the right people. McDonalds does not market to everyone, so nether should you. Once you define your market, it is much easier to reach them.


Small businesses looking to grow to the next level –

  • Sales coach - Does your team have what they need to get you to the next level? Do the have the tools, the leadership, the understanding of what each of them need to do to create success? Does your managers and directors understand the market and competition? Do they have the tools and direction to get to the next level? A sales coach will make sure everyone has what they need to succeed.

  • Review your infrastructure to ensure that you have the capacity to grow while still delivering to your current client base. This is critical. You don't want to gain new business only to lose the business you already have. You want to grow your business, not just replace it.

  • Review your current revenue channels and see if you are leaving money on the table. It's surprising what you will find when you break it down. If we talk, ask me about my story on this. It will surprise you.

  • Create workflow chart to see if there are any gaps that need to be filled. It's amazing what happens when I do this exercise with business owners. They were so close to the business, then never saw the holes. I have a story on this one too.

  • Discuss what areas you want to grow, what the market is like and where you fit in it. See what is needed to create that growth.

  • Develop a time-line for goals and reviews. You need to set expectation for the whole company to see and buy into, as well as give yourself points to review and revise as needed.

Some people asked me why I tell people what I start with because now they can go and do it by themselves. And that is true. If you want to take what I told you to do and do it yourself, great. You can do it and I hope it helps. These are all basic things that you should be able to do. But if you want someone that has a track record, and references, to help you dive deeper, then contact me and we can talk.



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